Fueki漿糊仔可愛便條貼 (日本製) ★ 撕取方便 ★ 黏性十足 ★ 可黏貼於杯子,冰箱,牆上等等地方,作為生活提醒小標籤 ★ Fueki漿糊仔帽子有小巧思設計, 蓋起來即可成為秘密紙條! ★ 日本製 Product #: fueki-Fueki漿糊仔可愛便條貼 (日本製) 2024-03-25 Regular price: $HKD$38.0 Available from: Fueki 官方 Online 旗艦店In stock I love that this sticky note is different from the ordinary. Love the novelty of being able to literally open its cap to write "hidden" messages. Thanks so much for the free gifts, you totally made my day with those personal notes as well. I had encountered some delivery issues but was quickly resolved by the friendly and helpful staff at Fueki. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Can't wait to see more new items being uploaded. 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0