Fueki 好朋友溫柔馬油牛乳泡泡洗面膏 50g 日本製 ★獨特的細密泡沬配方, 輕輕搓出觸感柔軟細膩的潔面泡泡 ♪ ★採用馬油、乳木果油、透明質酸、絹絲精華、日本牛乳、甘油等高效潔面護膚成分配合 ♪ ★深層潔淨有效去除老化角質, 柔化幼嫩的肌膚 ♪ ★潔淨、美白同時保濕鎖水, 為潔淨後的肌膚提供水分滋潤 ♪ ★性質溫和無刺激性, 全家大人小朋友和敏感肌膚適用 ♪ ★無香料, Product #: fueki-Fueki 好朋友溫柔馬油牛乳泡泡洗面膏 50g 日本製 2024-03-25 Regular price: $HKD$65.0 Available from: Fueki 官方 Online 旗艦店In stock Slightly drying. I was expecting it to be very moisturizing like its cream. Also, would have been great if it includes a spatula so I don't have dip my fingers into the tub each time. Thanks so much for the free gifts, you totally made my day with those personal notes as well. Also, I had encountered some delivery issues but was quickly resolved by the friendly and helpful staff at Fueki. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Can't wait to see more new items being uploaded. 5 1 4 1 1 5 1 4.0